Have you ever walked into a home or a building and smelled a strange or musty odor. You nose is telling you that there is something wrong in that location. Mother Nature gave us a nose with a keen sense of smell to protect us from dangers around us. Mold is a threat so your nose knows not to go into that location. Most people ignore this warning and think it is nothing to be worried about but there are a lot of victims of mold poisoning that will tell you different. Do a Google Search on the word Aspergillosis and you will be shocked at the truth that is being suppressed.

According to the CDC, this is the definition:

Aspergillosis is disease cause by Aspergillus. There are many different kinds of aspergillosis. One kind is allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (also called ABPA), a condition where the fungus causes allergic respiratory symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing, but does not actually invade and destroy tissue. Another kind is invasive aspergillosis, a disease that usually affects people with immune system problems. In this condition, the fungus invades and damages tissues in the body. Invasive aspergillosis most commonly affects the lungs, but can also cause infection in many other organs and can spread throughout the body.

Shocking isn’t it. How would you like to have this Microbial Disease. Since Aspergillus is very common in our environment, you will breathe in Aspergillus spores every day. Every Microbial Test I do in South Florida Area has this mold spore in it and I have done thousands of these tests. The spores are common so it is impossible to avoid breathing in some of the spores everyday. This is fine if you have a healthy immune system, it does not cause problems. The problem is for people with compromised immune systems. These spores can cause problems breathing in Aspergillus spores which can lead to an infection. Studies have shown that invasive Aspergillus can occur when a building is under renovation or construction.

This is why you need to stay out of areas that are being remediated for mold. Be very leary of those Internet Sites that tell you it is OK to do your own Mold Remediation work but buy your supplies from them. Look at their motives before taking their advice. If you are not trained properly to do this type of work, you can get sick or cause someone in your family to get sick. I always discouraged people from doing their own remediation because of all the disasters I have seen in the past 15 years. Let the trained Professionals do it.

In conclusion, Odor alone is not enough to determine the size of a mold problem or if it is toxic or allergenic. Aspergillus can be a serious problem, especially with people with Impaired Immune Systems. An example would be Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, Chemically Injured People, Aids or HIV. There are more, but this is just a sample of Impaired Immune Systems. If you feel that you have been exposed to this toxin and are sick, contact you Doctor immediately.

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Source by Art Emiss


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