Chuck Todd

Loses His Mind Over Bryce Harper

… ‘Enjoy 3rd Place’

3/1/2019 10:51 AM PST

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Chuck Todd is MAD AS HELL that Bryce Harper left his beloved Washington Nationals to sign with the rival Phillies … and used “Meet the Press” to rip the guy a new one! 

“PHILLY?! PHILLY?! Seriously???” 

“They will never love you the way Washington would have loved you … I hope you enjoy 3rd place!” 


Of course, Washington and Philly are both in the NL East — Todd is clearly taking the move pretty hard. 

“There will never be a statue of Bryce Harper at National Park in Washington D.C.”

Bryce has 330 MILLION reasons to not give a crap about Todd’s opinion — because that’s how much cash he’ll be making over 13 seasons thanks to his new deal with the Phillies. 

By the way, the Nationals only finished 2 games ahead of the Phillies last year — and now that they have the Nats biggest bat, it ain’t looking good in D.C.

Sorry, Chuck … 

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