It is a fact that online games have become an issue with those who are in a committed relationship. Picture this: boy tells girl that she should learn to play the games that he's playing so they can both enjoy the game and spend more quality time together as well. Boy even suggests that girl search for games on the Internet because she'll definitely find cool games. Girl ignores boy's suggestion and continues forbidding him from playing those games. Meanwhile, girl continues to think playing those games is just a waste of time and money and there are other things that she can do to be more productive.

But all that changes when she gets to visit an Internet station. She's practically stunned to see many girl gamers playing online games. Surprisingly, the girls are not playing games that are intended for girls, but they play games that are usually played by boys like adventure or war games and they are enjoying themselves. It 's like they've became one of the boys. The Internet station has turned into a mini club of girl gamers, it seems. Meanwhile, this gets girl thinking.

Girl goes home and looks for cool games online. She find herself reading about online game reviews. She's fascinated by it. She visits the website of Dota which stands for Defense of the Ancient and reads the instructions about how to play the game, objectives, strategies and all. Soon, she's hooked.

This is a fact that just can't be ignored anymore. Girls are into online games as much as boys. They're maybe not equal in number, but definitely, they share the same level of intensity when gaming.

When it comes to relationships, one should always learn to see the good in everything. When something doesn't look good, it doesn't mean it is bad. Sometimes, one simply needs to look deeper to find that it actually has something nice to offer. Online games, for example, could become an instrument for couples to become closer. We know how these games can be quite engaging and when both partners are into the game, it strengthens the connection between them. It gives them something more that they can share with each other and it eventually makes the relationship more fulfilling.

Source by Kim Poole


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