The chief director of IQ research at Vineland Training School located in New Jersey, whose name was H. H. Goddard, translated the work of Binet into English (since it was written in French) and upheld a more wide-ranging treatment of the Simon-Binet Scale. Unlike Alfred Binet, H. H. Goddard took into account the notion of intelligence a single, preset and innate unit which could be somehow calculated.

Whereas H. H. Goddard signified the worth and functions of the particular Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score, Lewis M. Terman, who also thought that intelligence was rather heritable and unchanging, worked out on the revision of the Simon-Binet Scale. Moreover, the final product of H. H. Goddard, which was published in 1916, turned out to be the generally accepted intelligence test in the U. S. for the succeeding decades. As soon as the American psychologists and educators alike had been persuaded of the necessity for a common intelligence testing, and the effectiveness it could give to school programming, in a few years, the Simon-Binet Scale, formerly intended for classification of school children who require special instructional attention, was then converted into a vitally extensive factor of the American educational organization.

Because of the efforts of Goddard and Terman, the concept which asserts that intelligence tests were precise, systematic, and helpful tools for producing good organization to the academes led in conveying the IQ score a nearly high position as a chief, authoritative, and lasting depiction of the characteristic of a person. For this reason, the process of intelligence testing turned out to be well-established in the academic institutions over the succeeding decades.

Moreover, a number of people have come to realize that the tests that are being widely used these days stand for the end result of an apparent historical process which has its beginning in cultural and racial bigotry. A lot of the founding fathers of the contemporary industry of testing largely supported eugenics. The term eugenics refers to a movement which is utterly related to the discriminatory reproduction of human beings. In this manner, the chosen human entities would then be paired off with each other in an effort to acquire specific qualities in their progeny, in the very same way that animal-breeders work with their champion livestock. In addition to that, the ultimate objective of eugenics is to give rise to a better human race. History could bear witness to this when the Nazis party of Adolf Hitler had taken the notion of eugenics to the extreme. These radical people believed that all inferior human beings, with reference to the Jews especially, both retard children or adults, and any person with genetic imperfections, were utterly bound to be annihilated. That is why during the World War II, a lot of sick and mentally retarded people along with the Jews were almost slaughtered.

Source by Joseph Celbert


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