An employee scheduling program can automate the scheduling of shifts and manage when employee can take time off work. No longer does the shift manager have to spend valuable time arranging shifts for each employee.

When the system is set up employees can specify what times they are available during the week. The system then allocates them shifts only when they are available. The shift manager enters details of shifts into the system. For each shift the start and end time is entered as well the amount of employees required, the type of employee that works the shift and the pay rate.

The ability for employees to login from any internet connected to see when their working is a great advantage. Employees will have peace of mind that they know when they are next working. Most web based systems will also allow employees to put a shift up for transfer if they cannot work it. If another suitable employee can work the shift it can be transferred with the shift manager's approval.

Since the system is computerised the possibility of a mistake allocating shifts cannot happen. Some companies will arrange shifts using a spreadsheet however this can be very time consuming and mistakes can still happen. Using an employee scheduling program the shift schedule is generated very quickly indeed. Shifts are also only allocated to employees when they are available to work and restrictions such as minimum and maximum working hours can be automatically met.

The employee scheduling program can also be used to manage when employees take time off work. Using the software they can submit the request to the manager who can approve or deny it.

At some workplaces there can be difficulty with employees forgetting there shift times if the shift schedule changes frequently. Some employee scheduling software can email the employee a couple of hours before their shift begins to remind them when their shift begins.

Source by Neil Tyrell


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