Are you scared of that tight dress?

Many women get mind numbing anxiety when looking through their closet. This happens especially before a night out, or a night in the nightclub. The idea of a tight dress, which are currently in style, seems attractive. You think, if other women look good in them, could I?

Treat your weekends like an escape. The middle class Americans works their life away for what, about two nights of fun? If that sounds like you, why not wear something outside of your comfort zone? You might discover a new look that you like a little more, or adapt a new look into a better look. I think tighter dresses just belong in nightclubs.

First, try to relax-this is about having fun. Never let your body image prevent you from taking a chance on a great dress. It is intimidating to buy a tight dress, or what would be called a bodycon dress. Bodycon, or body conditioning, dresses intend to display an hourglass figure. If that seems intimidating and you think you might need a little more help getting to an hourglass figure, a bandage dress would help. This dress will have the same overall appeal as a bodycon dress, with with more support to help you get that hourglass figure. What separates a the two dresses is the visual trick of horizontal, overlapping fabric patterns.

A bandage dress is tight, yes I know. It is also layered with overlapping fabric to help draw in those unsightly bulges or control those curves. The visual effect of this is to mask any sort of perceived imperfections. This can boost confidence, and contribute to a better nightclub experience.

The fabric composition of this dress is usually manufactured from breathable, light fabric like Rayon. The bandage dress is a great summer dress. This light fabric will let you dance the night away in a hot (and possible crowded) nightclub, without excessive perspiration. It should be noted that since this dress is so light, you might get a chill before entering or when leaving the club. In colder temperatures, layering for this dress is important. A cardigan or wrap will keep away the chill. Coat checks should be avoided because of the possibility of long lines.

Celebrity sightings of the bandage dress are common. If you would Google the "2012 Obama dress", you would see Katy Perry wearing a colorful blue Obama support bandage dress. Beyonce also had a bandage dress on for this event.

Source by James Hunsberger


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