with hilarious results.

The parent squeezed herself into some kinky undies, by attempting to pull of a sultry pose.

The parent left anyone in stitches when she posted the final result on Facebook.

Blogger Laura, who posts using the username Knee Deep in Life, decided to replicate a picture she spotted on Instagram.

The image in question shows Dasha Luxury modelling Atelier Bordelle lingerie.

Flaunting her flexibility, the bombshell completed a sultry shoulder stand as she posed for photographers.

While the mum did her best to mimic this pose, her attempt was a little less graceful.

She got herself into the same position as Dasha, before getting her husband to take the shot.

Even though Laura’s attempt wasn’t as slick, it went down a treat with her followers.

In a matter of days, the parody post has racked up 16,000 likes on Facebook.

Many also took the time to leave a comment, with many fans branding the mum an “inspiration”.

One commenter begged: “Please please never ever change, you are amazing and you never fail to make me smile!! 

“Keep up the good work.”

Another said: “Omg you really make me belly laugh and wobble, don't stop ever, please!

“I swear you are a mental health remedy, definitely made me laugh!”

A third added: “You are an absolute star.

“Keep doing exactly what you're doing as you're an inspiration to so many women out there.”

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