Holby City was packed full of drama tonight but there was one big revelation that really got fans talking on Twitter. 

As usual, Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel) and Zosia March (Camilla Arfwedson) were at loggerheads when Jac confirmed that she was going to use Zosia’s newly designed heart valve on a patient without her knowing. 

Reluctantly Zosia agreed, but after storming out, Zosia – who is midway through her pregnancy – horrified fans when she fell from a staircase onto the bannister.

Things didn’t look good for Zosia and after masking her stomach pain for as long as she could, Jac soon found out that something needed to be done.

The pair set off for an ultra sound alone to check the baby’s health and Jac began questioning about the father of Zosia’s baby. 

In a shocking confession, Zosia revealed that the father was Ollie Valentine, played by James Anderson, who left the hospital after nine years as a specialist registrar.

Ollie bid farewell to Holby when he was left severely injured after being shot by Fredrik Johanssen last year.

The news sent fans into meltdown after many were overjoyed with the revelation.

One said: “I can’t believe it? It’s really Ollie’s baby, what?”

Another said: “I am so emotional... I will end up crying at the end of this!”

While a third tweeted: “I am screaming! So happy its Ollie’s baby.”

Holby City airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on BBC One.

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