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Optimal dosing of anticancer agents is often challenging in obese and overweight patients. Apart from proper dosing issues, obesity is associated with several comorbidities and often leads to dose reductions for the fear of chemotoxicity. Body mass index (BMI) has been repeatedly shown to dismally affect outcome in several solid tumors [1,2], though its impact in hematological malignancies such as acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is controversial [3 –7]. For more than 10 years, azacytidine (AZA) has remained the mainstay of therapy for higher-risk myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).

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American Journal of Hematology,Volume 0, Issue ja, -Not available-.

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AbstractPurpose of ReviewApoptosis results from the interaction between pro- and anti-apoptotic proteins, mediated by BCL-2 homology 3 (BH3) proteins. B cell lymphoma-2 (BCL-2) is an inhibitor of apoptosis which stabilizes the mitochondria, resulting in the prevention of activation of the pro-apoptotic proteins. In addition, BCL-2 is overexpressed in the leukemic stem cell (LSC) population, and its inhibition may lead to selective LSC eradication. Herein, we will discuss the mechanism and rationale of BCL-2 inhibition in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) with an overview of the selective BCL-…

Publication date: August 2018Source: Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America, Volume 32, Issue 4Author(s): Sharon A. Savage, Michael F. Walsh

Publication date: July 2018Source: Pharmacological Research, Volume 133Author(s): Robert RoskoskiAbstractThe Kit proto-oncogene was found as a consequence of the discovery of the feline v-kit sarcoma oncogene. Stem cell factor (SCF) is the Kit ligand and it mediates Kit dimerization and activation. The Kit receptor contains an extracellular segment that is made up of five immunoglobulin-like domains (D1/2/3/4/5), a transmembrane segment, a juxtamembrane segment, a protein-tyrosine kinase domain that contains an insert of 77 amino acid residues, and a carboxyterminal tail. Activating somatic mutations in Kit have been docum…

Acquired aplastic anemia and inherited bone marrow failure syndromes both present with pancytopenia and must be distinguished because they have differences in treatment decisions and continued monitoring requirements. Advances in the genetic interrogation of patient samples have led to identification of inherited germline diseases and appreciation that patients with inherited bone marrow failure disorders may be normal in appearance with few expected clinical clues. Somatic mutations in aplastic anemia may have prognostic value. Hematopoietic stem cells from inherited marrow failure diseases can correct the proliferative d…

Fanconi anemia (FA) is a DNA repair disorder associated with a high risk of cancer and bone marrow failure. Patients with FA may present with certain dysmorphic features, such as radial ray abnormalities, short stature, typical facies, bone marrow failure, or certain solid malignancies. Some patients may be recognized due to exquisite sensitivity after exposure to cancer therapy. FA is diagnosed by increased chromosomal breakage after exposure to clastogenic agents. It follows autosomal recessive and X-linked inheritance depending on the underlying genomic alterations. Recognizing patients with FA is important for therapeu…

Publication date: Available online 17 May 2018Source: MethodsAuthor(s): Xueyuan Cao, E. Olusegun George, Mingjuan Wang, Dale B. Armstrong, Cheng Cheng, Susana Raimondi, Jeffrey E. Rubnitz, James R. Downing, Mondira Kundu, Stanley B. PoundsAbstractEvaluating the differential expression of a set of genes belonging to a common biological process or ontology has proven to be a very useful tool for biological discovery. However, existing gene-set association methods are limited to applications that evaluate differential expression across k⩾2 treatment groups or biological categories. This limitation precludes researchers from…

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The incidence of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) increases with age, but the outcomes for older adults with AML are poor due to underlying tumor biology, poor tolerance to aggressive treatment, and the physiologic changes of aging. Because of the underlying heterogeneity in health status, treatment decisions are difficult in this population. A geriatric assessment (GA) refers to the use of various validated tools to assess domains that are important in older adults including physical function, cognition, comorbidities, polypharmacy, social support, and nutritional status. In older patients with cancer, a GA can guide …

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Publication date: June 2018Source: Journal de Mycologie Médicale, Volume 28, Issue 2Author(s): L. Simon, L. Gastaud, D. Martiano, C. Bailleux, L. Hasseine, M. Gari-ToussaintAbstractEndophthalmitis is a rare infection of the vitreous and/or aqueous. It can be bacterial or fungal. Exogenous endophthalmitis is the most common form and results from direct inoculation of a pathogen after eye surgery or penetrating trauma. Endophthalmitis can also be endogenous, secondary to disseminated infection. Fungal endophthalmitis is associated with poor prognosis and treatment is difficult given the low penetration of most of the …

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