A proof-of-concept study shows how a new compound selectively triggers cell suicide in acute myeloid leukemia cells without harming healthy cells.

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Publication date: Available online 10 July 2018Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Molecular Cell ResearchAuthor(s): Indu AmbudkarAbstractSalivary glands secrete saliva, a mixture of proteins and fluids, which plays an extremely important role in the maintenance of oral health. Loss of salivary secretion causes a dry mouth condition, xerostomia, which has numerous deleterious consequences including opportunistic infections within the oral cavity, difficulties in eating and swallowing food, and problems with speech. Saliva secretion is regulated by stimulation of specific signaling mechanisms within the acinar cel…

This study examined national patterns, predictors, and trends in depression screening among adults without a diagnosis of depression in the United States.
METHODS: A cross-sectional design utilizing pooled data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (2005-2015) was used. The study sample consisted of ambulatory care visits to nonpsychiatrists among adults (≥18 years) without a depression diagnosis. Depression screening was the dependent variable. Descriptive statistics, logistic regression, and piecewise regression analyses were conducted to achieve the study objectives.
RESULTS: The national-level dep…

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Authors: Gabbay V, Freed RD, Alonso CM, Senger S, Stadterman J, Davison BA, Klein RG
OBJECTIVE: Reports are mixed on the efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids (O3FA) for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD), with only limited data in adolescents. The present trial aimed to investigate systematically the efficacy of O3FA as a monotherapy, compared to a placebo, in adolescents with MDD. Secondarily, we explored O3FA effects on anhedonia, irritability, and suicidality-all key features of adolescent MDD.
METHODS: Fifty-one psychotropic medication-free adolescents with DSM-IV-TR diagnoses of MDD (aged…

CONCLUSION: The construction of new meanings is important in improving depressive symptomatology. Psychotherapists can elicit these new meanings in their regular practice by posing questions that may help clients to conceptualize what is changing in themselves (CS) and questions of how this change is occurring (CP). The construction of an integrative account of these new meanings is associated with psychotherapeutic gains, and thus, reconceptualizing change could improve symptoms of depression.
PMID: 29989260 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Doctors in California are trying to solve a family’s stunning medical mystery. Two young siblings, four and six years old, were diagnosed with the same kind of brain tumor within two weeks of each other. Now, their parents are speaking out in hopes of raising awareness and encouraging new research. Jamie Yuccas reports.

In this study, we have shown that the lipid chaperones FABP4/FABP5 are critical intermediate factors in the deterioration of metabolic systems during aging. Consistent with their roles in chronic inflammation and insulin resistance in young prediabetic mice, we found that FABPs promote the deterioration of glucose homeostasis; metabolic tissue pathologies, particularly in white and brown adipose tissue and liver; and local and systemic inflammation associated with aging. A systematic approach, including lipidomics and pathway-focused transcript analysis, revealed that calorie restriction (CR) and Fabp4/5 deficiency result …

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This cancer research is interesting for the strong resemblance it bears to current senolytic strategies to destroy senescent cells by forcing them into the programmed cell death process of apoptosis: these cells are primed for that fate, but fail to reach it on their own. The therapies used affect normal cells as well as the targeted senescent cells, but cause little impact in the healthy cells that should be spared. This same type of approach is here applied to cancerous cells, using a close relative of the pro-apoptosis targets employed for senescent cells. Considered at the high level, this makes an interesting counterp…

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October 9, 2017—BRONX, NY—Scientists atAlbert Einstein College of Medicine have discovered the first compound that directly makes cancer cells commit suicide while sparing healthy cells. The new treatment approach, described in today’s issue ofCancer Cell, was directed against acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells but may also have potential for attacking other types of cancers.

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Adoptive transfer of Chimeric Antigen Receptor transduced T cells is a promising strategy for cancer immunotherapy. The CD38 molecule, with its high expression on Multiple Myeloma cells, appears a suitable target for antibody therapy. Prompted by this, we used three different CD38 antibody sequences to generate second generation retroviral CD38- Chimeric Antigen Receptor constructs; transduced T cells of healthy donors and Multiple Myeloma patients and evaluated their preclinical efficacy and safety. Irrespective of the donor and antibody sequence, CD38-Chimeric Antigen Receptor transduced T cells prolife…

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On May 20, 2015, New York State will host its Cancer Prevention Summit in Manhattan.

This bold initiative is the work of the New York State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Howard Zucker, and his colleagues at the New York State Department of Health. Many health related organizations in New York are participating in the Summit, and the audience will be challenged with action points. I am honored to participate in the Cancer Prevention Summit as a speaker, and will introduce the keynote speaker, Dr. Graham Colditz, an internationally recognized leader in the prevention of cancer and other diseases.

The Summit’s focus is the p…

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