Usually in the early of lung cancer, there are no special symptoms. Only when lung cancer is developed to a certain stage, there will be some symptoms, including cough, blood in sputum, fever, chest pain, chest tightness and some other respiratory symptoms. Lung cancer may easily be overlooked or be treated as pneumonia, so to cause the delay condition. People above 40 years old especially have a long history of smoking or passive smoking, must have a regular physical examination annually. People should also be vigilant immediately for medical treatment when the following performance appears, which is helpful to find lung cancer in time.

1. Chronic Cough

Tumour stimulates the trachea, will often lead to irritating cough. This cough has nothing to do with the season, time or medication. This is the most common symptoms of lung cancer, and about 2/3 of the patients have this symptom. People must be prudent when there is a cough of unknown causes. Some people who has a long-term chronic cough must go to see a doctor when he feels that the cough situation has changed.

2. Blood In Sputum

Tumour causes cell necrosis and broken of capillaries, a small amount of bleeding mixed with sputum and so this Intermittent or persistent symptom appears. About 50% of the patients with lung cancer have this symptom.

3. Chest Pain

About 30%-40% of lung cancer patients will appear chest pain, generally not keen intermittent chest pain, mainly shown as stuffy pain or vague pain with uncertain location, may continue from several minutes to several hours.

4. Repeated Fever

Bronchial cavity was blocked by tumor, poor drainage may lead to fever. The body temperature is generally under 38 degrees. Treat early with antibiotic, the body temperature can return to normal, but easy to relapse.

5. Chest Tightness And Shortness Of Breath

Tumor will affect the normal lung function, and will lead to chest tightness and shortness of breath when people are tired, which is the most obvious in central lung cancer.

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