The University of Massachusetts Amherst trial gives the first evidence that triclosan – banned in some products in the US – can have adverse effects on gut health.

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BOWEL cancer symptoms are not always easy to spot as they can be mistaken for less serious health conditions. Many of the signs are linked to changes in bowel habit, but there are four things in particular you should check for when you go to the toilet.

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Laura Fulcher, from Warwick, was just 29-years-old when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Today, she still struggles with the physical and psychological damage it caused.

BOWEL cancer symptoms may be difficult to spot, and don ’t necessarily make you feel ill. These are the subtle warning signs to look out for when visiting the toilet to pass stools.

Kelly Stabb, 39, from Paignton, Devon, has stage four bowel cancer. Doctors initially thought it was curable but it has since spread to other parts of her body.

BOWEL cancer symptoms occur when cells start to divide uncontrollably in the large intestine. Signs and symptoms can be observed in the toilet bowl, or through how someone is feeling. Watch out for these warning signs of colon cancer.

BOWEL cancer symptoms include stomach pain, a change in bowel habits, and finding blood in your stool. You could reveal your risk of cancer by thinking about how often you use the toilet. How many toilet trips counts as a ‘normal’ amount?

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK and is responsible for more cancer deaths than breast and bowel cancer combined [1]. Over two-thirds of patients are diagnosed with lung cancer at a late stage when treatment has only a limited effect on survival with virtually no impact on mortality. Lung cancer survival is dramatically different for early stage disease. Unlike for breast and bowel cancer, lung cancer has no national screening programme despite the larger number of deaths and the more marked difference in survival in early and late stage disease.

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A new study suggests that higher consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks is tied to less chance of recurrence and death in stage 3 bowel cancer.

The objective of our study was to review our experience of PE in terms of surgical characteristics, complications, and overall survival. All patients who had PE surgery between January 1999 and December 2015 were identified. Patients with verified distant metastatic disease were excluded. Patients with advanced pelvic tumors experiencing incapacitating postradiation severe damages were included. The following parameters were recorded: age, sex, indication for surgery, tumor histology, type of exenteration, urinary tract and colon reconstruction methods, operative time, blood transfusion, intensive care unit admissions, len…

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